The Nepalese-American Senior Community




                                                  Article 1



It shall be a non profit organiztion incorporated under the laws of Maryland, registered under section 501c 3 IRS tax exempt.


                                                  Article 11



The purposes of this organization are exclusively charitable, Health educational and preserve cultural heritage listed below: Article of Incorporation. Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area (Washington, Virginia and Maryland)


1. Fostering among Nepalese Americans a greater knowledge and understanding of Nepali literature, art, science, folkways, social customs, economic, religion and other facts relating to the diversities and similarities of the Nepal and American ways of life.


2. It will organize many activities including but not limited to picnic, worships, Nepali  

    Dashain, to celebration Nepali culture, customs, crafts, Christmas and New Year.

3. Carrying out the purposes as described above by the following means, within the  

    limitations described above:

a. By raising funds to help victims of disasters (man made and natural) and community   

    members at times of dire need precipitated  by illness, deaths and other misfortunes.

b. By raising funds to set up small scale development projects for the economically       

    disadvantaged people.

c. By raising funds to help support Human illness who could not pay a bills.

d. Foster relationship with other community organizations that have similar purposes and



                                                        Article III



 1)   Regular


           (a)   Persons demonstrating a senior Sixty years and over and legal Immigrations  

                  or American Citizen, and subscribing to the purposes of the Community as  

                  stated in the Articles of Incorporation, may become members by applying to  

                  the membership, and paying the minimal annual dues.

            1.   Members shall pay a fee of $ 15.00 per year, due and payable annually by   

                  July 1st.

            2.   There is no life members make a single payment,

            3.   Memberships shall pay advanced


2)    Benefactors

            Persons who meet the requirements for regular Membership, but wish to give

           donations support to the Community may become Benefactors upon the payment  

           of a minimum sum of at least $ 1000.00.


3)      Resignation

            Any member may resign by giving notice in writing to the Secretary. Refunds of  

           dues will not be made.


                                                   Article 1V

                            Officers and Executive Committee


The Executive Committee shall comprise of the following five members

i)   The President

ii)  The Senior Vice President – Public Relations and Membership drive

iii) The Second Vice President –Social and Health

iv) General Secretary / Education

 v)  Treasurer- and Fundraising                                                                      


1)  These officers shall be elected at the annual meeting of the community. All officers shall serve without compensation for a period of three years and be eligible for reelection to the position. No officer shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same position.


    Duties of the officers:


a) President is the highest elected officer of the Executive Committee and of the Organization. He/She shall preside over all meetings of the organization as the case maybe. He/She shall provide leadership, guidance, and inspiration to all the members of organization in all goals and objectives. Likewise, He/She shall represent the organization in all forums, meetings and conferences as pertaining to the leadership role in the organization.

b) The Senior Vice-President for the Public Relations and membership drive will be looking after Planning, program management, information publication and help to the membership drive. Shall perform such duties and have such power as may be delegated to them with the advice of the Executive Committee. In the absence of the President, Senior Vice-President will serve and shall have the power to perform the duties of the President.

c) The Second Vice-President for the Social and health affairs will be looking after

planning, heath care system and fitness program. Second Vice-President shall work closely with the President to provide support and guidance to the committee members and its co-workers in order to achieve success in the activities undertaken.

d) The Secretary shall keep a book minutes of all meetings and actions of Executive committee, Board Advisers and members with the time and place of holding, whether the regular or special, the names of those present of such meetings and the proceedings of such meetings. The Secretary shall give written notice to the membership of all annual and quarterly meetings at least two weeks (14) days prior to such meetings. The Secretary shall records of the proceedings and appear at such meetings and perform such duties thereat as the Executive Committee may direct. And also help to performing Arts, Literature and language.

e) The Treasurer shall receive and to be custodian of all funds of the community and shall pay all bills upon authorization of the Executive Committee. He/She shall open and keep a Bank account in the name of the Nepalese-American Senior Community. The Treasurer shall keep account of all funds of the community of all monies received and disbursed, and shall submit a written report in full at the Annual meeting of the community, at intervals to the Executive committee and at other meetings as required by the President. The treasurer shall also keep an up-to-date roster of the membership of the Community. The books of the community shall be audited annually by a qualified firm or C.P.A. selected for that purpose by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall have a limitation on the amount expended on any single transaction. Such limitation shall be set by Executive Committee and help to fundraising committee.


The Executive Committee


The duties of the Executive Committee

          The Executive Committee shall have authority to transact any necessary business meetings, make recommendations as to policy and program of the community, advise the President and fill vacancies that occur between elections. A majority of the committee shall constitute a quorum and a majority of those present shall decide issues. For purposes of deciding issues, all chairpersons of the various committees shall be included.



Written Consent




          Any action required or permitted to be taken at any meeting of the Executive committee may be taken without a meeting if prior to such action notice of the proposed action is mailed, E-mail, or telephoned to all members of the Executive committee and a written consent thereof is signed by a majority of the members of the Executive committee and such written consent is filed with the minutes of the Executive Committee.










                                      Article V




The Executive Committee Members


1. Health

2. Education

3. Membership

4. Fundraising and Social



Executive committee Members duties:-

The executive committee members shall Membership drive, Provide health educations,

Public relations, provide hospitality venue, provide English, Nepali and Newah language. All committee shall report to the Executive Committee.





                                       Article VI



1. The ordinary meetings of the community will be held at intervals as prescribed by the Executive committee and the program Committee as suitable programs are prepared.


2. The annual meeting of the community shall be held each year in metropolitan area in the month of March or as determined by the executive committee. Advance notice of three weeks shall be given. The annual meeting is held approve the general policies of the community, to approve the balance sheet of the community and to discuss any other matters which may be properly presented at the annual meeting. A quorum shall consist of twenty five members. Should a meeting be adjourned for lack of a quorum, it shall be rescheduled for one month following, at which rescheduled meeting a quorum shall be twenty five.


3. Special meetings may be called by the President or the executive committee upon the written request twenty five members, with the purpose of the meeting stated in the call, and no other business to the transacted.


4. Notice of regular meetings and other meetings can also be given either by E-mail or phone call, or local Nepali media.  









                                                          Article VII

                                              Nominations and Elections



1. A nominating committee of five members of the membership Advisory Board shall be appointed by the President at least two months prior to the annual meeting of the community. The President shall appoint one of these five as Chairperson. The committee shall invite nominations for all positions. Nominations can be made by any member.



2. The committee shall check the eligibility criteria of the nominee and the voter. The nominee shall be a full due paying member for at list one year before the election and the voting member shall be a member for three months before the election.



3. After checking all the nomination papers, the committee shall compile a list of

candidates for all positions. These lists shall be sent with announcement of the annual meeting to all members. At the annual, nominations from the floor may also be made.



4. At the annual meeting of the community a plurality vote shall elect and where there only one candidate for an office or the exact number of the executive committee, election may be made by a voice vote.



5. An election committee of not less then three months shall be appointed by the President prior to the annual meeting of the community. This committee shall provide all election materials and shall act as tellers for the election.





















                                                           Article VIII




Resignation from the executive committee must be in writing and received by the President or executive committee.



                                                            Article IX

                                                 Parliamentary Authority


Robert’s Rules of order, Revised, shall govern all proceedings except where inconsistent with the provisions of the By-Laws of the community.



                                                             Article X



The executive committee shall have the power to make, alter, amend, or repeal the by-laws of the corporation, expect that the first by-laws of the corporation may be adopted by the incorporations. The by-laws so made, altered, amended or repealed may be altered, repealed or reinstated by the members at any annual or special meeting.

Amendments may be made by mail in accordance with Article IV, section 4, of this by-laws.



                                                            Article XI

                                                Liquidation or Dissolution                                        


The liquidation and dissolution of the community or the amendment of these riles may be decided upon by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a General meeting, provided that notice of the proposed dissolution or details of the proposed amendment shall have been circulated with the notice of the meeting. In the event of dissolution, any residual funds of the community shall be applied by the executive committee before vacating the office in furtherance of the community’s aims, and no member shall have any claim on the community in respect to fees and subscription paid.