Press Release: Nepalese-American Senior Community

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Dear Executive Committee and Members,

The Nepalese-American Senior community, Inc. Celebrated its third convention on Sunday, August 29, 2010 at King Farm Community Center, Rockville, Maryland. The entire program went very well and enjoyed by everyone attended. It would not have been this successful without the support of EC members, members and their families, and community members. Although, the program was schedule on the week before Labor Day weekends, about 110 guests participated, and about 6 families 60 + become the new members. On behalf of the Executive committee I would like to thanks those who have attended and supported us including Inauguration, candle light by Senior most Lady Mrs. Tej Kumari Shrestha. H.E. Ambassador of Nepal Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma, Mayor of Rockville Ms. Phyllis Marcuccio, Montgomery County Health and Human services and aging and disabilities Client Assistant Special Ms. Karen Daniel. Certified Holy Cross-Hospital Senior fitness Instructor, Mr. Keith Federman. Montgomery County Health Information Analyst, Mr. Rajendra Chetry, Bankers unit sales Manager Mr. Philip Sackette, Life, and Casualty Insurance Co. Ms. Cynthia Conley, and Nicholas McLeod.

Other Organization representatives, who have also participated, are Mr. Laxman Pradhan,NPPA President, Mr. Rajesh Pradhan, President of NOA, Mr. Khem Bhattachan, President of ANS. and Ms. Bishnu Kumari Thapa, ANWA President. Mr. Ram Chandra Kharel, Sagarmatha Television, and Mr. Subu Pratap Kc

First, I would like to thank Aamaa Mrs. Tej Kumari Shrestha for her participation in inaugurating the ceremony. Thanks to Mr. Dibya Ratna Hada who provided an excellent venue at King Farm Community Center. Thanks to Pancha K. Shrestha, Sweekar Shrestha and Buddha Ratna Maharjan for coming to the center and help decorating and organizing the furniture for the event, Krishna Prajapati for providing and setting up the Sound System and Prabodh Shrestha for operating it, NASC Treasurer Mr. Ganesh Lal Kayastha is brining the Twariwa (light).

Now I would like to add to the list of NASC Executive Committee’s spouses who provided plenty of delicious home cooked food for the occasion.

Mrs. Sajani Shrestha – Bajee (Chiura)

Mrs. Vidya Pradhan – Chhoyala (Chicken)

Mrs. Sarita Bhandari – Chhoyala (Chicken).

Mrs. Muna Tamrakar – Aalu Achaar

Mrs. Rajeswari Ghimire – Aalu Kawaf.

Mrs. Haribaba Kayastha – Khe/Nya (sauté eggs and (fried fishes).

Mrs. Meera Shrestha – Black Eye peas.

Mrs. Beena Baidya – Vodka

Mrs. Jaya Hada – plates, cups utensils

Mrs. Bisnu Malakar – WO (Baaraa)

Thanks to Saroj Prajapati, Shanti Shrestha, Shiela Shrestha, and Subarna Malakar for bringing soft drinks, water, cake and sweets. Thanks to Laxman and Sarita Pradhan for bringing water. Thanks to Joshee family for soft drinks and chips.

Thank you, Mrs. Shanti Shrestha for designing NASC Brochures, letters, and member cards, program, EC nametags etc. Since its establishment, Mrs. Shanti Shrestha has been great help to NASC. Shanti is also a Computer designer for the NASC.

Thanks to Mrs. Babita Shrestha for the Moderating, the entire program as the Master  of Ceremony.

Here are some highlights of the program.

After the inauguration of the ceremony by lighting Twariwa by senior most member Mrs. Tej Kumari Shrestha NASC President Mr. Ram P. Malakar welcomed everyone and gave a brief concept about NASC to the audience.

Gen. Secretary Mr. Madan R. Tamrakar gave brief activities, and its tax-exempt status, and the help of the nation’ outstanding and highly competent Lawyers group Arnold & Porter, LLP for their support in receiving NASC 503 (C ) (3) status. Now NASC is a Tax-Exempt entity.

Treasurer Mr. Ganesh Lal Shrestha gave the financial report for the year highlighting the needs for fund raising, and membership drive.

His Excellency Ambassador of Nepal  Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma assured that he and his office will do as much as possible to support the senior community of DC area, free clinic, etc.

Honorable Mayor of Rockville Ms. Phyllis Marcuccio gave her well wishes and congratulated NASC for its work and support toward the senior community. She herself is a senior citizen and has great fond of Nepal as her own niece visited and climbed up to the base camp of Mt. Everest.

Representative Ms. Karen Daniel from Montgomery County Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) came to explain about senior assistance in DC, Virginia and Maryland. She provided a valuable information, and wants everyone to participate and understand about healthcare system at government program..

Certified Holy Cross Hospital Senior Fitness Instructor Mr. Keith Federman gave a suggestion; to the seniors and other members that the exercise is a key element to balance your body. He emphasized on the Montgomery county free fitness program for seniors and he is ready to give any information regarding it to anyone interested.

Bankers Casualty and Life Insurance sales Manager Mr. Phillip Sackette gave some valuable information on Medicare plans (plan which is not covered by Medicare).

Dr. Maheswor Baidya highly emphasized on Nepali free clinic, which has been running for last four year, and success of the health fair was successful. Many people without the insurance have been benefiting tremendously with Nepali Free clinic run by America-Nepal Women Association.

Mr. Dibya R. Hada spoke about on his personal trauma and the needs of the senior community like this to support everyone who goes through the crisis.

On the side, Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance Agents, Ms. Cynthia Conley and Nicholson gave more information on how cheap the premiums are for people who wants the medical cover and long term Insurance facility to the patients.

The main objectives of NASC are uplift and upgrade lifeline and life styles of seniors who are going through harsh and vulnerable situations in their life. NASC is a melting pot where it would incorporate diverse ethnic groups blending all in one category under one roof.

In a highly industrialized nation like United States of America where working class of family barely have time to take care of their older parents even when they are sick. NASC do not want them to suffer in silence. We express our solidarity to take up the burdens on our shoulder to relieve them from difficult situations. No matter how many hurdles we have to cross over NASC is committed to help them out in a way, which caters their needs like taking them into free medical clinics even without medical insurance. We arrange to take them out to health fair, health campaigns, seminars, religious prabachans etc. these are few examples. On the other, those older folks may go through many unseen and undesirable circumstances. NASC would rescue them and deal with their situations within the organizational limit as prescribed by the governing laws of the State.

Second year as our next step we concentrated our efforts on membership drive, so that our seniors sixty 60 plus people be aware of our organizational existence. As of today, we have 150 over members, we need more members to reach and help seniors. I encourage and emphasize you all in the audience to be part of NASC.

At this time, I would like to urge everyone to donate for the good cause and help the seniors. Once we have accumulated some funds, we can vision some project for the future.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone for his or her participation, support, and dedication. Please forgive me if I mistakenly did not list your name as a food donor and /or volunteer. This is our third celebration, therefore, we need your suggestions, donations, and your full support to make this organization bigger, and better; and help all the seniors on each step of their life. I urge all the seniors to come forward and become a member of NASC. If you are not senior, but want to support the team, you all are most welcome.

God Bless You,

Ram P. Malakar

President, NASC

NASC-Executive committee:

Mr. Ram P. Malakar, Mr. Beda P. Pradhan, Mr. Dibya R. Hada, Mr. Madan R. Tamrakar, and

Mr. Ganesh L. Kayastha,

Dr. Suresh M. Shrestha, Dr. Maheswor N. Baidya, Mr. Bhagat L. Shrestha, Mr. Rajendra Ghimire

Mr. Shiva Bhandari, and Lawyers, Mrs. Sarita Malakar and Mr. Andras Kosaras

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